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Rose paintings available by commission and through an exclusive gallery - available as original oils and original prints 
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Welcome to my gallery of rose portraits

Hello! I am an artist. I paint roses in a very realistic style. I use realism to show the incredible, intimate, beauty of the rose. I paint the detail of the rose to show the detail of the beauty. Ultimately it is a rose portrait I offer as my work. Just as great artists like Rembrandt and Renoir painted the human face as a subject, so I paint the face of a rose. As I develop my ability to paint rose portraits, I see more beauty in each rose I paint. The more I paint, the more I see and the more I see, the better my presentation of each rose. These portraits are my passion.
A portrait of Double Delight - Rose paintings by Steve Luce
On these pages I offer to you, a visitor to my website, my portraits of the rose in all its infinite beauty of color and form.

Thank you for your visit to my website,


What you will find in this gallery

In this gallery you will find examples of my rose paintings. I paint roses of all colors but certain roses seem to elicit certain feelings.

 Gemini - a rose painting by Stephen Luce - available by commission or through a gallery.

As an example I often paint white roses and the white rose can  produce a number of feelings other than just a view of a rose. A white rose can represent purity, it can represent memories, it can represent simplicity, and it can represent an ethereal sense of the feminine form.  Continued...

About my painting process

When I am painting a rose, there are times when I am so close to the painting I am literally connected. I physically make contact with the painting and the rose with my hands. I move the paint with my fingers, feeling the paint and creating a petal texture.  Continued...

New paintings, Available Paintings, and PrintsAvailable Rose Paintings

I have a page that lists all of my original oils and original prints available for purchase. This list of paintings will change from time to time as I paint new subjects.

My newest portraits will be of a very circular white rose who's center shape is much a like a galaxy. I am also just starting a new view of Mr. Lincoln caught in a very intense setting sun light.

I will occasionally post images of some paintings as they develop. I like to share rose as I am painting it - IF the painting is going well.

If you are interested in new paintings in development, paintings that are available, and prints that are available, please visit available original oils and prints...

The amazing Midas Touch - Rose paintings by Steve Luce available by commisson or through a gallery.

A Note to Gallery Owners and Mangers

The past few years have been have been difficult in the art business, to say the least. I have been exclusively represented by a gallery in the Napa Valley with the sale of my rose paintings for the past 6 years. Unfortunately, the gallery has decided to close. I am disappointed in this change because we had developed an extremely good connection but the owners need to do what is best for themselves. They had been in been in the business for a very successful 25 years and it was a time for a change - I wish them well.

This closure leaves me in search of a new gallery to represent my rose paintings. Most of my rose paintings are large and are oil on canvas. While I am open to prints of high quality and prints on which I over paint areas to increase color intensity, most of my rose paintings are original and should be presented to the public by professional sales people who really understand art.

My other websites :

Landscapes and Seascapes:


Any gallery interested in considering for my work their gallery should contact me through this website, using the Contact Me page.

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Each of the categories in this section will show you samples of my rose paintings. I have grouped them by color for simplicity of presentation. Each group seems to have a slightly different personality. But always remember that they are all part of the amazing group of natural beauty called the rose. My first goal with any rose painting is to represent each rose for it's self and its own particular beauty. For the rose purists, each rose has its own value, scent, and beauty regardless of emotions we might attach to one color or another. I paint for the purist first and to the emotion of the rose follows.


WHITE ROSES PAINTINGS - visit the white rose painting gallery! Rose paintings by Steve Luce White Rose Paintings

White roses are in a special category of the rose family, especially with paintings of roses. White roses can represent purity and honor but they also can represent a general feeling of sensuality.

I am a student of Rembrandt, Renoir, and Sargent. Because I have such a love of Renoir’s work I like to think of white roses as portraits. I have had the honor of studying Renoir in great detail at the Art Institute of Chicago. It was from this experience I began painting white roses. Go to the White Rose paintings...

MULTI-COLORED ROSE PAINTINGS - visit the multi-colored rose painting gallery! Rose paintings by Steve Luce Multi Colored Roses

The multi-colored roses include some of the most famous of all the roses.

This group includes a rose introduced to me by my grandmother  - the amazing  Double Delight.

Another famous rose of this group is the beautiful Peace rose. Go to the Multi-Colored Rose paintings...

RED ROSE PAINTINGS - visit the red rose painting gallery! Rose paintings by Steve Luce Red Rose Paintings

Red roses are always special. Red roses seem to represent romance and love among the many feelings created by roses and their likenesses. I sense an intensity with red roses that is difficult to translate to paint. I usually try to include an artist’s pigment called Alizarin Crimson in each painting. I use as many as 5 to 10 other types of red pigments in transparent glazes or layers to show the power of the red rose.  Go to the Red Rose paintings...

YELLOW & ORANGE ROSE PAINTINGS - visit the yellow rose and orange rose painting gallery! Rose paintings by Stephen Luce
Yellow and Orange Roses

This group is a powerful and passionate collection of roses. My favorite of this group is Rio Samba. Samba is so dynamic it changes by the hour on a hot summer day. Go to the Yellow and Orange Rose paintings...

  OTHER BEAUTIFUL FLOWER PAINTINGS- A portrait of an iris - visit the iris painting gallery! Rose paintings by Steve Luce Paintings of Other Amazing Flowers

There are many other flowers that do well as paintings. Within this group are flowers such as the Iris, the Calla Lilly, and the Orchid. I am even hoping to paint a large Daisy. It is not one of the great art subjects but what a statement it would make as a large oil pointing - a virtual sun on canvas.
Which reminds me I am also going to paint a sunflower one of these days with Van Gogh in mind! Go to the Other Flowers paintings...

About Commissions - what are they?

Commissions are custom paintings. I have always had some doubts about picking a subject, painting my view of the subject, and placing it in a gallery - it seems bit arrogant at times. I always wonder what someone would really like to see rather than simply placing my ideas in a gallery, hoping for someone who likes my choice and painting and happens to be in the gallery.

Commissions - portraits of rosesCommissions are a way around that dilemma. Commissions are simply someone's idea of a painting which they would like to see painted and then, if the painting is right, to purchase.

This page explains the process of having a particular rose painted to your liking. If you really have a rose you would like painted then  please visit the Commissions page and consider a commission - they are easier and a lot more fun than you might think!

Some Future Ideas for Paintings

Some new ideas for flower paintingsI have photographed flowers in our garden for years and sometimes there is a particular combination or structure of roses and colors that doesn't fit my usual "bee's eye view". This page shows a number of new views I am considering for paintings. This area of the website is will be enlarged in the next few weeks.


Point Arena Ranch - visit my other gallery for paintings of CaliforniaI also paint scenes of Northern California.

Northern California is my home and my family history goes back in in this  area to 1848. One of my ancestors started a vineyard in Healdsburg  in the 1860s. My grandmother taught school near Fort Ross in 1899.  Fort Ross sits just north of two paintings shown in the new paintings section..

My landscapes can be seen on my other website - Please visit the site for a different perspective on other natural beauties.


 My Vineyard paintings are all collected in E-book form and are located in a website done in an E-book format:

This format is new and very experimental but seems to work very well for an art gallery format. If you visit this site, please send me a note from the contact page letting know what you think of the format. There is NO personal information gathered from the form but it will help me understand what visitors think. I may do something like that here in this website.


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